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.... Leonardo di ser Piero Da Vinci

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The DaVinci Society is a unique club that merges the best of both business & social networking where you are encouraged to promote your business or profession at all times. We offer a host of opportunities to gather among friends, colleagues and even family with the ability to meet some of the most influential people in the area. Our success is built upon our Members’ willingness to share their best thinking, experience, curiosity and integrity with their fellow group members, as well as the entire DaVinci Society.

Whether social or for business reasons networking requires commitment and the members of the DaVinci society are out in force. The interaction part is what keeps the society alive. The wine, cigars, cars, music, etc. are the catalysts to join, but the psychological reasons – camaraderie, belonging, comfort – are much deeper. We are comprised of members who are sincerely committed to helping one another through networking. We offer a large number of meetings, training, social & business events but for them all to work for one another attendance is critical.

Our goal is to introduce and grant access to many social networking, business networking and education events to be hosted at some of the most exclusive establishments in the area. Through these social events and comradery with the society members and their guests our objective is for business to prosper organically.



The DAVINCI SOCIETY combines an elite core group comprised primarily of 3 levels of membership:

  1. Club DaVinci
  2. Club Galileo
  3. Davinci’s Diaries


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